Thanks to a generous $1 million grant from the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation, the Ҵýapp is proud to present first-of-its-kind programming in landscape architecture for designers, students, and enthusiasts, with particular emphasis on educating the next generation: the Bunny Mellon Curricula. This curricula, the first to be named in honor of Bunny Mellon, honors her commitment to landscape design, and her deeply-held belief that architecture is firmly linked to its surrounding landscape.

The Ҵýapp thanks the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation for its generous support of this program.

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Bunny Mellon Curricula Videos

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Farm & Farmhouse: Architecture & Design for a Historic Hudson Valley Home
Listening to Land: Cultural Landscape Research in Contemporary Practice, with Thomas Woltz
The Collaborative Design Process with Janice Parker
Lush Gardens Recording Imovie
Ҵýapp Book Club: Garden Secrets of Bunny Mellon, with Thomas Lloyd, Bryan Huffman, and Linda Jane Holden
Breakfast and Books with Valentin Goux
For the Love of Plants: Planted Structure in Garden Design, with Arne Maynard
Part 2 | Managing Historic Landscapes and Gardens, with Calder Loth | Driehaus Summer Studio Retrospective
Part 1 | Managing Historic Landscapes and Gardens, with Calder Loth | Driehaus Summer Studio Retrospective
Solving the Front Door Problem, with John Phibbs
Jean-Jacques Lequeu: The Architectural Imagination in the Age of Reason, with Barry Bergdoll

Bunny Mellon Curricula News and Articles

The Bunny Mellon Curricula Laurel Society is an intimate group of supporters of the Bunny Mellon efforts for landscape design education such as lectures, continuing education, and programs emphasizing the importance of landscape design as an integral part of creating lasting and meaningful places. The laurel is a common motif in classical design, signifying triumph and honor, and therefore a fitting title for such an impactful group of champions.

Founding Members
Fernando Wong Outdoor Living Design
Jacquelynne P. Lanham Designs
Jeff Allen Landscape Architecture
Oehme, van Sweden & Associates
Parterre Design, LLC
Patrick and Elizabeth Gerschel

Bryan Huffman
Christine London, Ltd.
Duke Design Group
Kane Brothers, Inc.
Janet Ross

For more information or to join the Laurel Society, please contact [email protected].